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About Us

The LBH Group was founded in April 1984 by Dutch brothers Jan and Bert Lagendijk in their home port Rotterdam. Both held various positions in agency, stevedoring and trading before starting LBH. They come from a shipping family, with their father being an established figure in the Dutch stevedoring. From the first office in Rotterdam, the LBH Group expanded by opening in South Africa to provide load port agency support to European coal clients. On this basis the group expanded by following the different bulk cargo commodity streams. This led to LBH setting up and establishing agency offices in numerous countries. Initially under different identities and brands that were all consolidated in 2008 under the LBH Group brand. The first two decades saw significant geographic expansion into South Africa with the establishment of Tallships, Mozambique with the establishment of Caravel, Brazil by establishing Brazship, Colombia with the establishment of Eurolatina, Australia with establishment of Oceanway and by opening a representative office in China in 2002. We are very proud that most of our local partners, who were key pioneers in the early development of the group, are still with us today developing the local business units and are still active members of our Senior Partners management team. We are sincerely grateful for the support and friendship of our clients over the decades and look forward to build on these relationships in the coming years.

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